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Real Time Embedded

Development and design of Real-Time Embedded and Embedded Linux solutions for a wide range of industries.

web development

End to End web development solutions, client and server sides using the latest technologies.


Reduce time between committing a change to a system and the change being placed into normal production.


Providing infrastructure to over 2 million deployed devices, we use Cutting-edge global M2M/IoT cloud infrastructure.


Comprehensive cloud solutions tailored for adaptability and growth. Secure your data while providing flexibility for scale.

Machine Learning - AI

Accelerate and optimize your operations processes with machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies.


We provides manual and automated quality assurance for any project type to achieve top results.

embedded security

Enhance the security of an embedded system verifying that the code being loaded and executed is authentic and has not been maliciously modified.

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Flight Controller

The Flight Controller is based on Atmel SAMA5D36, ARM Cortex A5 using FreeRTOS operation system. Implemented PWM for motor control, I2C for Gyroscope & accelerometer data etc. Controlling the drone using RF transmitter and receiver. The project included GPS driver for transmitting its location over RF.

Computer Vision

The Weapon Detector

The main actor in this project is Haar Cascade Classifier, which has been trained to detect weapons. It requiers two cameras and a powerfull processor. Click here to watch a video that demonstrates how this machine works!

Weissbeerger Ltd.

Alcohol Analytics

Accurate Alcohol Meter. Based on PCDuinu board, ARM10 architecture and Embedded Linux operation system. The project includes open GSM and WiFi protocols for sending the data.

Computer Vision

The Cancer Recognizer

we are going to create a special system, based on CNN (convolution neural network), whose purpose is to analyze images from the dataset and make conclusions.

Electra Ltd.

AC Cloud Integration

Connecting Electra's AC's to IBM Watson Cloud To remotely control the AC from any point in the world using iOS and Android device by MQTT protocol. Cloud Integrations allows us to update the firmware over the air and Diagnose the AC. Project implementation is based on Free RTOS - real time operation system STM32.


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