Software containerization and container orchestration

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Establishing Innovative Development, Testing, and Production Environments by Switching to Containers

Switching to containers as a tool for running apps and microservices is a smart move for any organization that provides any kind of web service.

There are various tools for creating and running containers like Docker, Containerd and more. By containerizing our applications not only do we take care of possible compatibility issues, but we also gain a significant boost in deployment speed, stability, and scalability.

By running apps in containers, as opposed to directly on the operating system, we can easily manage multiple development environments, and perform various tests, not worrying about causing any damage to the system as we can create a new, fresh environment in a matter of seconds.

ניהול פרוייקטים דבראופס
ניהול פרוייקטים דבראופס

Container Orchestration

When we scale our services (which are deployed as containerized apps), monitoring and operating the whole infrastructure becomes an increasingly challenging task.

To deal with this issue we use container orchestration tools, such as Kubernetes and Docker Swarm. Such tools allow us to automate many tasks regarding the lifecycle of our containers, thus, minimizing the chance of encountering errors and failure, and improving the performance and user experience.


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