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Key Advantages of Cloud Services

Cloud services are extremely popular these days among software companies, and for a good reason. They provide a stable infrastructure solution, with some key advantages in comparison to using on-premises hardware:


Cloud service providers offer the opportunity to allocate computing resources according to your enterprise needs and pay accordingly. This feature gives the ability to scale your business up and down, in sync with the current demand you get from your customers, without wasting money or resources.

Hosting our software on the cloud provides extra stability, as we can always get additional computing power very quickly and easily, a feature that would not be possible with on-premises environments. Additionally, we can schedule regular backups and not worry about filling the disc memory, as we can allocate more memory in a matter of minutes.


Cloud service providers offer high security standards , since they hold a lot of sensitive information for many companies, banks, and governments around the world.

Our DevOps Teams

Whether if your organization plans completely migrating from on premises to the cloud, from one service provider to another, or establishing a hybrid environment, we will provide an optimal plan for integrating the environments and execute the process with minimal downtime.


We support most major cloud service providers, including:

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