The Weapon Detector

About the weapon detector project (Computer Vision)

This is a project, whose purpose is to detect weapons – pistols, rifles or knives – in the picture, video, or live stream. The main actor in this project is Haar Cascade Classifier, which has been trained to detect weapons.

The dataset for the classifier has been created manually. 

This project requires one or more cameras: a web camera, outside or any other for receiving pictures/video/stream; the powerful processor (with CUDA cores preferable) for possible parallel processing and a place to save recorded information, if it’s necessary.

The project can be used in many places: banks, streets, malls, parks, schools etc. 

Our team – part of Real Time Group, two AI Developers – Alex and Grisha – have come up with this idea after the dramatic events that have happened in USA schools in the past. Those were tragic incidents, in which students have come to school/college/university with weapons on them.

We hope that our system will help innocent people to save their lives.

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