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Our Team is experienced, highly motivated, and fast adapting developers and DevOps engineers. 

?DevOps מהם שירותי

DevOps plays an invaluable role in the lifecycle of any software product. 

Most organizations in the modern world will implement an Agile workflow, requiring teams to develop their product in small increments, each with its life cycle. 

A typical development process will include a variation of the following steps: Plan, Develop, Build, Test, Deploy, and Monitor.
Manually synchronizing the development process between the developers, performing tests, deploying the apps on the required platforms, and monitoring their performance will require many steps.

The DevOps engineer brings a lot of value to your business by automating the process of building, testing, deploying, monitoring, and scaling. This saves a lot of time and energy for your teams and allows them to concentrate on delivering their most effective results.

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ניהול פרוייקטים דבראופס

Our DevOps teams bring with them years of experience, gained by developing a wide variety of projects for companies from different fields of specialization. Understanding the modern flexible and dynamic set of tools any individual project may require, our DevOps engineers have the right set of skills needed to build a perfect cloud environment and establish the right automation process for your project.

Our teams offer a wide range of services, including:

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Advantages of Cloud Solutions | RT Projects

שירותי ענן

Using cloud services to host your servers can be greatly beneficial in terms of costs, information security, convenient backups, and dynamic storage.

Whether your organization is already working with a cloud service provider or physical servers, we may set up dedicated servers according to your needs. We will ensure a smooth migration with minimal downtime.

הכלה של התוכנה לקונטיינר וניהולו

By containerizing our apps, we gain a lot of benefits in comparison to traditional app management and deployment. Containers enable us to easily manage multiple environments, perform tests, and deploy them quickly and with minimal downtime.

By using container orchestration tools, we automate tasks related to the lifecycle of the containers, monitor the infrastructure, and scale easily according to your needs.

DevOps - CI/CD | RT Projects

הקמת תהליכי CI / CD ופתרונות IAC

By establishing an automated CI/CD process, we take care of many repetitive tasks and minimize the risk of human error in the process of deploying our apps. The development and operations processes are thus more efficient.

Furthermore, as the infrastructure becomes more complex, keeping track of the state of all related components, such as the operating systems, VMs, Databases, and microservices, becomes overly complicated.

With Infrastructure as code solutions, we can automate infrastructure configurations and update them regularly, which helps us address this issue.

מעקב ותמיכה

An extremely crucial part of planning for future development and scaling, as well as preventing and dealing with errors, is monitoring the working state of the servers and communication systems.

We will use the latest monitoring tools to ensure that you get the most relevant information regarding your infrastructure and provide support with any relevant issues.

DevOps | RT Projects

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