Establishing CI/CD processes and IaC solutions

RT Projects הינה פלטפורמה של צוות מפתחים מנוסה, בעל מוטיבציה ויכולות התאמה גבוהים. עם כל פרויקט הצוות שלנו צובר יותר ניסיון וכלים חדשים על מנת להתגבר על מכשולים חדשים, ללמוד תחומים חדישים בתעשייה ולהבין טוב יותר את סוגי הלקוחות ואת הצרכים שלהם

Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment Processes

Developing projects in an agile workflow means constantly updating the code, integrating it across all development environments and deploying on production servers. The more complex the infrastructure is, the more time consuming the integration and deployment processes are.

We solve this problem by establishing a Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment pipeline. By doing so, we automate the entire process between the development stage and the operations stage. The pipeline, configured according to our desired schedule, will automatically build the apps, perform tests, and deploy them.
We support all common CI/CD tools, such as Jenkins, AWS CodeBuild, CircleCI, and more.

ניהול פרוייקטים דבראופס
ניהול פרוייקטים דבראופס

Infrastructure as Code Solutions

The infrastructures on which our services run may include many components, such as operating systems, VM’s, Databases, and micro-services. Keeping all the components up to date with the latest developments and changes, will require performing many actions, and doing so manually may also cause undesired errors.

To resolve these issues, automation can be built for managing and updating the entire infrastructure. This automation is done by implementing tools like Ansible and Terraform that allow us to configure the infrastructure through code, hence comes the concept: “Infrastructure as Code”.

IaC solutions increase our infrastructure’s reliability by preventing humans from accidentally misconfiguring a system, and allow the people to focus more attention on their normal tasks, not worrying about the infrastructure and deployments.


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